2022-2023 University Catalog 
    Feb 05, 2023  
2022-2023 University Catalog

Admission to B.S.E. Early Childhood Education Non-certification Program

 Criteria for Admission to the School of Education
 Early Childhood Education Teaching Young Children

The requirements listed below are the minimum application criteria. Meeting these requirements states that the applicant is eligible for admission consideration, but does not guarantee admission.

  Procedure to Request to Admission to the School of Education

Candidates must work with the appropriate School of Education FACULTY advisor when applying to the School of Education to ensure all materials are in place. Candidates must begin the application process no less than 2 semesters (4 terms) prior to requiring Education coursework listed as 350 or higher.

  • Application for Admission to the School of Education submitted electronically.
  • Two disposition evaluations completed by SOE faculty with each disposition rated “target” or “acceptable.” Students will make the request of the faculty to complete the online assessment.
  • Self-disposition evaluation to be completed online
  • Letter of recommendation from a professional outside of the School of Education
  • Official fingerprint/backgroud check: A criminal background/fingerprint check must be completed. Any additional state backgroud from state or field experience.

Availability of Courses

Although the coursework can be completed online, 95 percent of the education courses require interaction and/or observation with young children, educators and the community. Practicum courses and internships are “hybrids.” Seminars are online but the coursework takes place in the field with young children, educators and the community. Diversity of experiences is necessary for a well-rounded educator. As a result, some observations may be pre-approved at the student’s place of employment, while others will occur outside the student’s place of employment.