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Political Science, B.A.

Political Science, B.A. Locations 

The Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science provides students with information and abilities to become participative citizens and cope with problems of modern politics. The degree also seeks to prepare well-rounded students for careers in the public sector and to prepare those who seek admission to graduate school. Analytical skills, especially critical thinking, are stressed in all courses. The Senior Thesis provides an opportunity for students to develop research skills.

Requirements For: B.A. Major - 36 Hours, 2.0 GPA

Course NameCredits:Term TakenGrade
PO200 - American National Government
Fulfills: LE Citizenship, GEM
Credits: 3
PO210 - Comparative Political Systems
Fulfills: LE Citizenship, Writing Intensive
Credits: 3
PO216 - International Relations
Fulfills: LE Social Science
Credits: 3
PO220 - History of Political Philosophy Credits: 3
PO310 - Parties and Elections Credits: 3
PO320 - American Foreign Policy Credits: 3
PO323 - Congress and the Presidency Credits: 3
PO345 - International Organizations Credits: 3
PO405 - Senior Thesis in Political Science

Prerequisite(s): EN105, EN106, and 60 accumulated hours.

Fulfills: Professional Writing
Credits: 3

Select three of the following:

Course NameCredits:Term TakenGrade
PO201 - State and Local Government
Fulfills: GEM
Credits: 3
PO202 - Introduction to Law Credits: 3
PO304 - Constitutional Law Credits: 3
PO338 - Politics of the Developing World Credits: 3
PO340 - Public Policy Credits: 3
PO344 - War and Terrorism Credits: 3
PO350 - Special Topics in Politics Credits: 3
PO450 - Internship Credits: 3

Graduation Requirements

Student Seminar 3 CR.

FYE100 First-Year Seminar (required for all incoming first-time freshman and highly encouraged for transfer students)

Upper Division Requirements 36 cr.

36 hours of upper division (300 - 400 level) course work

Writing Across the Curriculum 9 cr.

3 credit hours of Professional Writing (EN306* or equivalent from the list below) plus 6 credit hours of Writing Intensive coursework are required.

EN306A, EN306B, EN306C, EN307, EDU300, CJ450, HIS455, MG306, NS306, PA430, PO405, PS300, PS406, or SO310 


6 credit hours to fulfill the Writing Intensive requirement must be chosen from among the courses designated in the catalog as “WI” (Writing Intensive), composed as follows:

  • 3 of the credit hours must come from a WI course outside the student’s major(s); that is, the course must be offered by a program other than the one(s) that house(s) the student’s major area of study at the time the course is taken.
  • 3 of the credit hours must come from a WI course that is offered by the student’s major program; that is, the course must be offered by the same program that houses the student’s major at the time the course is taken.

AR316, AR498, BIO498, CA218, CH342, CJ221, CS300, EDU310, EN201, EN221, EN232, EN234, EN490, FW190, HC 263, HIS261, HIS453, IDS410, MA301, ML251, MG495, NUR460, PA432, PS315, SO141, SP320, SW325 

Modern Language Requirement

Completion of two, 3-hour elementary level modern language courses (103 and 104); or the second 3-hour elementary level modern language course (104) and one, 3-hour intermediate course (201); or one, 3-hour intermediate course (201).  Placement will be determined through a Modern Language Placement test.

Elementary Level 6 cr.

FR103 and FR104 or SP103 and SP104; or transfer equivalent


Secondary Level 6 cr.

FR104 ; SP104 and SP201 or transfer equivalent 


Intermediate Level 3 cr.

SP201 or transfer equivalent 

Additional Requirements

Park University confers the Bachelor of Arts degree at selected locations when a candidate has satisfied the following conditions:

  • Completion of a minimum of 120 semester hours with a cumulative 2.0 GPA (or higher dependent on major).
  • A minor is required (some may be discipline specific as noted in the major).

  • Satisfaction of all requirements for a major.

  • Completion of the Liberal Education requirements.

  • Completion of the degree specific requirements.

  • Completion of residency requirement, 30 hours of earned and graded (A, B, C, D) college hours at Park University. At least 15 of these 30 hours must be in the major.

  • Submission of an Application for Graduation.

Liberal Education Requirements 40 CR.

Writing Seminar 6 cr.

EN105 and EN106  

Math Requirement 3 cr.

Select one of the following:

MA120, MA135, or higher math course excluding MA208  

Science with a lab Requirement 4 cr.

Select one of the following:

BI101, BI111, BI211, BI212, BI223, BIO221, BIO225, BIO325, BIO327, BIO330, BIO337L and BIO337, BIO350, BIO400, BIO410, BIO411, BIO417, CH101, CH105, CH107L and CH107, CH108L and CH108, CH317L and CH317, CH318L and CH318, CH328, CH329, CH337L and CH337, CH440, GGP115, GGP205, GO130, GO141, GO151, GO200, GO310, GO320, GO330, PY155, PY156, PY205, or PY206 

Ethics Requirement 3 cr.

Select one of the following:

AC435, CA302, CS300, EDU310, MG495, NS306, PA380, PH102, PH221, PH224, PH308, PS220, SO220, SW492

Communications Requirement 3 cr.

Select one of the following:

CA103, CA105 

Citizenship Requirement 3 cr.

Select one of the following:

PO200, PO210, HIS111, HIS112, or HIS113  

Humanities Requirement 6 cr.

Select one of the following Art or English: 

AR115, AR215, AR216, EN201, EN221, EN232, EN234 

And one of the following:

AR115, AR215, AR216, EN201, EN221, EN232, EN234, CA104, CA116, CA235, ML235, ML251, PH101, PC202, PH205, RE109, SP110, SP201, SP202, TH100, TH101, 

Natural Science Requirement 3 cr.

Select one of the following:

BI214, CH101, CH102, CH105, CH107 CH107L, CH108 CH108L, GGP115, GGP120, GGP205, GO125, GO130, GO141, GO151, GO200, NS220, PY101, PY155, PY156, PY205, or PY206 

*Computer Science and PE courses excluded.

Social Science Requirement 6 cr.

Select two of the following:

AN100, CJ100, CJ200, EC141, EC142, EDU210, FI201, GGH110, GGH200, HIS104, HIS105, PO216, PS101, PS125, PS205, SO141, SO206, or SW205

Seminar: Integrative & Interdisciplinary Learning 3 cr.

Select one of the topics for LE300*