2018-2019 Graduate Catalog 
    Jun 19, 2024  
2018-2019 Graduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

A Message from the President

Dear Graduate Students,

I am pleased to extend a cheerful welcome to you on behalf of the dedicated staff and faculty at Park University. Whether you are currently enrolled in a graduate program or just beginning your post-graduate study with Park, we thank you for choosing us as your academic home. As a national leader in higher education, Park University is proud to provide a personalized, globally relevant education that will enable you to prosper personally and professionally in your future endeavors.

Founded in 1875 in Parkville, Mo., the University established a historical prominence and sound reputation as a quality higher educational institution that embraced diversity and inclusivity. Today, we are proud to extend that service, representing undergraduate and graduate students at 41 campus centers located nationally in 21 states and globally online. In addition to serving students from 58 countries and all 50 states, Park is pleased to provide convenient access to quality education programs for our brave men and women in uniform and their dependents. The University has enjoyed and educational partnership with the United States military that stretches over 90 years, and we look forward to continuing our services.

For over 140 years, Park has been building on its substantial accomplishments and embracing ways to further distinguish the University as a leader in higher education. Ultimately, our mission is to serve you, our students, with a remarkable customer service experience, and provide you with a globally relevant education that will prepare you to meet the challenges faced by today’s professionals. Park’s dedicated faculty and staff members across the Country are prepared to accomplish this mission by providing you convenient access and flexibility in your pursuit of a graduate program that will best serve your interests and further enrich your careers and academic journey. We are here to serve you.

Please know that as an ambassador of Park University, you share our Core Values and embody a quality education that is truly unique and unlike any other. We are proud to call you Park Pirates.


Greg Gunderson, Ph.D.
President, Park University