2020-2021 Undergraduate Catalog 
    Jun 19, 2024  
2020-2021 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Business Administration, International Business Concentration, B.S.

Business Administration, B.S.

Students taking the business administration major receive a broad education covering the major functional areas of business. This major will help a student prepare for a career in business or government leadership and provide him/her with knowledge and skills desired by all types of employers. It can also give one the background to organize and manage his/her family business. Graduates in business administration typically find jobs in business, production management, personnel management, marketing management, or financial management. Many serve their communities as marketing or management specialists in insurance, real estate, investments, banking, communications, manufacturing, retailing and wholesaling. A number of students with this major move into graduate study in law, management, or other business specialties.


Requirements For: B.S. Major – 57-69 Hours, 2.0 GPA


*MA 171  is a required course for students with majors within the School of Business and satisfies the requirement for MA 120 .

*MG 306  is a required course for students with majors within the School of Business and satisfies the requirement for EN 306* 

*EC 141  and EC 142  will satisfy the LE Social Science area.

*For the Health Care concentration, MG 260  and MG 371  are satisfied by the concentration requirements HC 260  and HC 351 , respectively. 

International Business 21 cr.

This program provides students with an understanding of the strategic and operational aspects of business on an international level. Graduates of the program will have the ability to analyze cultural and national differences in terms of their impact on conducting business in other cultures.


Graduation Requirements

Upper Division Hours 36 cr.

36 hours upper division (300 - 400) level course work

Professional Writing Requirement 3 cr.

EN 306A  , EN 306B EN 306C EN 307 EDU 300 CJ 450 , HIS 306 HIS 452 HIS 453 HIS 454 HIS 455 MG 306 NS 306 PA 430 PO 405 PS 300 PS 406 , or SO 300  

Additional Requirements

Park University grants the Bachelor of Science, Bachelor of Public Administration, Bachelor of Science in Education, Bachelor of Fine Arts, and the Bachelor of Music Degree upon completion of the following requirements:

  • Completion of a minimum of 120 semester hours with a cumulative 2.0 GPA (or higher dependent on major).
  • A minor for Geography and Information Systems majors.
  • Satisfaction of all requirements for a major.
  • Completion of degree specific requirements.
  • Completion of Liberal Education requirements.
  • Completion of residency requirement, 30 hours of earned and graded (A, B, C, D) college hours at Park University. At least 15 of these 30 hours must be in the major.