2019-2020 Undergraduate Catalog 
    Jan 29, 2023  
2019-2020 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Interdisciplinary Studies, B.S.

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Requirements For: B.S. Major – 42-45 hours, 2.0 gpa

The Interdisciplinary Studies major allows the student to develop a major by combining two different disciplines. For the purpose of declaring a program of study, different disciplines are defined as the combination of offerings from two different major schools or departments. This affords students the flexibility to design their own degree while making an efficient use of courses they have accumulated. It requires the combination of two minor degrees of study: one that is listed in the catalog and another one either listed in the catalog or a Personal Body of Knowledge constructed by the student out of a set of courses.

Core Requirement:

  • Minor One - one minor as described in the University catalog Credits: 18-21

  • Minor Two - one minor as described in the University catalog Credits: 18
  • or

  • A personal minor field of study constructed by the student and approved by both the Program Coordinator of Interdisciplinary Studies AND Chair of the Department or Associate Dean of the School/College most closely associated with the content of that field. Students wanting to complete a personal field of study as part of their Interdisciplinary Studies degree should send a list of the courses they have completed/will complete towards the personal field of study and supply a justification for it to the Program Coordinator, who will evaluate the personal field of study and forward it to the Chair/Associate Dean whose Department/School most closely matches the field of study. The Program Coordinator and Chair/Associate Dean will either (1) approve, (2)disapprove, or (3) require additional courses. 
  •       Credits: 18


  • Credits: 3

  • Credits: 3
  • or

  • Credits: 3

Total 42-45 cr.

Stipulations: The senior project normally is in one of the two disciplines reflected in the minor areas of study, but may be interdisciplinary. It is proposed by the student and completed through independent study.

Program Competencies:

The student with integrative and interdisciplinary thinking will possess the ability to make connections across courses and connect coursework to his/her academic, professional, and civic lives. The student will be able to consider problems from several different perspectives and develop and test his/her holistic understanding of an issue, evaluate how various disciplines would conceive of solutions, and relate his/her learning to issues outside of academia.

  1. Demonstrate an understanding of disciplinary content in its own context and in relationship to the issues, questions, and positions of at least one other discipline.
  2. Compare and contrast points of view and scholarly materials coming from different disciplines, in formulating a new thesis or position.
  3. Synthesize diverse perspectives derived from coursework and other professional experience to achieve an interdisciplinary understanding of an issue or problem.
  4. Explain and evaluate methodological approaches and theoretical foundations of at least two disciplines, as they pertain to dealing with real-world problems or issues.
  5. Use professional experiences and academic coursework to attain professional employment.

Degree Specific Requirements

Student Seminar 3 cr.

LE 100  First-Year Seminar

Upper Division Hours 36 cr.

36 hours upper division ( 300 - 400) level course work

Professional Writing Requirement 3 cr.

EN 306A EN 306B EN 306C EN 307 EDU 300 CJ 450 HIS 452 HIS 453 HIS 454 HIS 455 MG 306 NS 306 PA 430 PO 302 PO 405 PS 300 PS 406 , or SO 300  

Liberal Education Requirements

Writing Seminar 6 cr.

EN 105  and EN 106  

Math Requirement 3 cr.

Select one of the following:

MA 120 MA 135 , or higher math course excluding MA 208  

Communications Requirement 3 cr.

Select one of the following:

CA 103 CA 105 , or TH 105  

Computer Science Requirements 3 cr.

CS 140  Introduction to Computers

*May be satisfied by higher level course or department equivalent.

Citizenship requirement 3 cr.

Select one of the following:

PO 200 PO 210 HIS 111 HIS 112 , or HIS 113  

Ethics requirement 3 cr.

Select one of the following:

CA 302 CS 300 EDU 310 MG 495 NS 306 PA 380 PH 102 PH 221 PH 308 PS 220 SO 220  or SW 492   

Natural Science Requirement 3 cr.

Select one of the following:

BI 214 CH 101 CH 102 CH 107  and CH 107L CH 108  and CH 108L GGP 115 GGP 120 GGP 205 GO 125 GO 130 GO 141 GO 151 GO 200 NS 220 NS 241 PY 101 PY 155 PY 156 , or PY 206  

*Computer Science and PE courses excluded.

Science with a Lab 4 cr.

Select one of the following:

BI 101 BI 111 BI 223 BI 211 BI 212 BIO 221 BIO 225 BIO 325 BIO 327 BIO 330 BIO 337L  and BIO 337 BIO 350 BIO 378 BIO 400 BIO 410 BIO 411 BIO 417 CH 107L  and CH 107 CH 108L  and CH 108 CH 317L  and CH 317 CH 318L  and CH 318 CH 328 CH 329 CH 337L  and CH 337 CH 405 CH 440 GGP 115 GGP 205 GO 130 GO 141 GO 151 GO 200 GO 310 GO 320 GO 330 PY 155 PY 156 PY 205 , or PY 206  

Humanities Requirement 6 cr.

Select one of the following Art or English:

AR 115 AR 215 AR 216 EN 201 EN 221 EN 232 , or EN 234  

And one of the following:

AR 115 AR 215 AR 216 EN 201 EN 221 EN 232 EN 234 CA 104 CA 116 CA 235 ML 235 PC 202 PH 101 PH 205 RE 109 SP 110 TH 100 TH 101 TH 201 , or TH 216   

Social Science Requirement 6 cr.

Select two of the following:

AN 100 CJ 100 CJ 200 EC 141 EC 142 ,  EDU 210 FI 201 GGH 110 GGH 200 HIS 104 HIS 105 PO 216 PS 101 PS 125 PS 205 SO 141 SO 206 , or SW 205  

Seminar: Integrative & Interdisciplinary Learning 3 cr.

Select one of the topics for LE 300*  

Graduation Requirements

Park University grants the Bachelor of Science, Bachelor of Public Administration, Bachelor of Science in Education, Bachelor of Fine Arts, and the Bachelor of Music Degree upon completion of the following requirements:

  • Completion of a minimum of 120 semester hours with a cumulative 2.0 GPA (or higher dependent on major).
  • A minor for Geography and Information Systems majors.
  • Satisfaction of all requirements for a major.
  • Completion of degree specific requirements.
  • Completion of Liberal Education requirements.
  • Completion of residency requirement, 30 hours of earned and graded (A, B, C, D) college hours at Park University. At least 15 of these 30 hours must be in the major core.

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