2018-2019 Undergraduate Catalog 
    Jul 12, 2024  
2018-2019 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Information Technology



MyPark is a web portal that is designed to be a “one-stop” place for Park University faculty and students to access important information on the web. It also serves as a gateway to many online resources and communication tools at Park University. MyPark features include:

  • Ability to easily enroll in classes, check grades, obtain degree audits and more.
  • Access to Google Apps for Education, online classes, and other online resources for communications with other students and club members.
  • Quick access to online library resources as well as Park’s calendars, news and announcements.
  • Customizable “MyPages” for personalized class schedule, calendar, bookmarks, and groups.

MyPark can be accessed directly at https://my.park.edu or from the MyPark link on Park’s home page at www.park.edu. To log on to MyPark, faculty and students must use their university ID number and their university password which is provided by Student Success Center or the Information Technology Help Desk or your password can also be recovered at the Identity Management system at https://accounts.park.edu.

Students will be able to register themselves online after consulting with their advisor or Campus Center Director. Faculty Advisors, Student Success Coaches, or the local Campus Center Director will also be available to input registration. Technology Support is available by phone at (800) 927-3024 or by e-mail at support.technology@park.edu. For up-to-date information on what we offer our students, please visit the help page at www.park.edu/help.

Park Email

(Provided by Google Apps for Education)

All Park students are assigned a Park Email account when they are accepted into the university. Park Email is the official means of communication between students, faculty and staff to provide information to, or request information from, students. It is the responsibility of all students and faculty to check their Park Email account on a regular basis.

What is your student email address?

Your Park Email address is typically created according to the following format: firstname.lastname@ park.edu (Example: John Doe’s email address would be: john.doe@park.edu). In the case that two individuals share the same first and last name exactly, the second person to have their email account created will get numerically incremented (Example: john.doe02@park.edu). Other than this method of duplicate address resolution, Park Email addresses are changed to match legal name changes only (we do not accept preferential requests). Please also note that email addresses are not case sensitive, so John.Doe@park.edu is the same address as john.doe@park.edu.

To log in to Park Email directly:
Step 1: Go to https://login.park.edu in any standard web browser.
Step 2: Use your Park University-provided ID number for your user-name.
Step 3: Use your Park University-provided password to authenticate.
Step 4: Click the “Login” button to access your email account.

To log in to Park Email through MyPark:
Step 1: Log in to MyPark and navigate to the Student Tab, then select “Academic Email” from the Quick Links menu.
Step 2: Use your University provided ID number as your user-name, in the login fields at the top of the page.
Step 3: Use your Park University provided password to authenticate.
Step 4: Click the “Login” button to access your portal account.
Step 5: Click on “Email” to get taken to https://login.park.edu.
NOTE: If you do not know your University-provided password, please contact the Student Success Center or the Information Technology Help Desk to obtain it.

More information about Park Email

Park Email is provided through a partnership between Google and Park University, as a service of Google Apps for Education. More information about Apps for Education can be found at google.com. Search “Apps for Education”. The student can also email support.technology@park.edu or call (800) 927-3024 for assistance. Park Email accounts are only provided to admitted students, active faculty, and alumni of Park University.

Online Classroom Help:
Online classroom help is available by contacting https://pdl.park.edu/pages/learnersupport or https://canvas.park.edu

Information Technology Policies and Procedures

University Information Technology resources constitute a valuable University asset that must be managed accordingly to ensure their integrity, security and availability for teaching, research and business activities. Carrying out this mission requires the university to establish basic Information Security policies and standards and to provide both access and reasonable security at an acceptable cost. Park University Information Technology Policies and Procedures are intended to facilitate and support authorized access to university information.

Users of University information technology resources are personally responsible for complying with all University policies, procedures and standards relating to information security, regardless of campus center or location and will be held personally accountable for any misuse of these resources. The Information Technology Policies and Procedures are located in MyPark. The Acceptable Use Policy can be accessed from the Student Tab, under Information Technology Resources. The use of student user ID and password to access the computer system is the equivalent of a legal signature and creates the same obligations for the student. The student will be responsible for any and all future registration(s) by accessing the computer with the assigned ID number. All activities on Park University information technology resources are subject to random monitoring and all transactions on the computer system constitute official records recognized by the institution. All appeal decisions related to policy or procedures will be based on the computer system transaction records.

Virtual Applications (Virtual Apps)

The goal of VirtualApps is to provide Faculty, Students, and Staff with 24/7, on-demand access to a library of popular licensed software applications. These Virtual Apps can be accessed from any computer, Android, or iOS device anywhere an internet connection is available.

While anyone will still be able to visit labs for specific software, VirtualApps allows people with a Park University username to log in to a cloud-based system to access specialized software. This access gives Park students, faculty and staff the flexibility of using the software on campus, at home, and even while studying abroad (some of the specialized applications will be available only to groups that software pertains to.

Our initial efforts in virtualized software include Microsoft Office 2016, IBM SPSS Statistics 25, and Sage 50. VirtualApps is not platform specific and can be used by Windows, Mac, Linux, Android and iOS operating systems.

You can access our VirtualApps at www.park.edu/virtual. Instructions for connecting to our VirtualApps environment can be found here: www.park.edu/virtual. We have setup a special support mailbox for questions, comments, concerns, etc., relating to VirtualApps that be reached at virtualapps@park.edu. Please send all of your support questions to that address.

Campus Center Session Code Section Code
Austin Center A BE
Barstow Community College A BC
Beaufort MCAS A BU
Camp Pendleton MCB A PE
Charleston AFB A CN
Cherry Point MCAS A CH
Davis-Monthan AFB A DA
Deployment I & II EM
Park Campus Centers and Online Learning A DL
El Paso A EL
Fairchild AFB A FA
F E Warren AFB A FE
Fort Bliss A BL
Fort Irwin A IR
Fort Leonard Wood A WO
Fort Myer A MY
Goodfellow A GO
Grad Schools P  
Grand Forks AFB A F GR
Hanscom AFB A HA
Henderson Hall HQBN A HE
Holloman AFB A HL
Home - Parkville 16 week FA SP HO
Independence A DN IN LX
Kansas City Area A DN IN LX
Lackland AFB A LC
Laughlin AFB A LA
Lenexa A LX
Little Rock AFB A LR
Malmstrom AFB A ML
Millington NAS A MN
Minot AFB A F MI
Moody AFB A MO
Mountain Home A MT
Nursing RN to BSN A NU
Nursing Pre-licensure A NUR
Quantico A QU
Randolph AFB A RA
Scott AFB A SC
Sergeant Majors Academy S SG
Tinker AFB A TI
Victory Valley A VV
Whiteman AFB A WT
Wright-Patterson A PA

* 16-week session codes FA (Fall), SP (Spring), 2 week session code SMA (May semester). The Graduate programs uses FAP, SPP and U1P for their 16-week terms. Eight week terms are F1P, etc.