2020-2021 Graduate Catalog 
    Jul 19, 2024  
2020-2021 Graduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Tuition and Fees

(Subject to change by Park University)

Graduate Tuition $597/credit hour
Students may qualify for one of the following special graduate tuition rates:
  Military (includes Active Duty, Active Duty Dependents, Reservists and National Guard) $433/credit hour
  Veterans (includes Veterans and Veteran Dependents using GI Bill®, Reservist Dependents, and National Guard Dependents) $530/credit hour
  Federal Employees (includes Federal Government Employees and Dependents) $530/credit hour
  Flat Rate $2850/8 week
  $5700/16 week

Applied and Performance Music Courses

$600/credit hour

Fees and Charges (all fees are nonrefundable after the Enrollment Adjustment Period and are subject to change.)
  Application Fee (waived for Park University graduates) $50
  Commencement/Diploma/Certificate Fee $125
  Diploma (2nd copy after one year of graduation) $75
  International Student Application/Evaluation fee (one time) $75
  Master of Business Administration Instructional Fee (per credit hour) $75
  Late Payment Charge $20
  Late Registration Fee (charged during Add/Drop Week) $50
  Transcript Request Fee  
    Electronic Delivery Fee $10
    Mailed Delivery Fee $12
  Audit a course 50% of tuition and full fees
  Returned Check Charge $30
  Thesis Binding Fee (if applicable) $80

* One-time fee applicable only to international nonimmigrant students

Registration is not complete without full payment of tuition and fees. The following provisions may be available:

  1. The first term each year that a student is to receive a guaranteed student loan, payment of 10 percent of tuition is due at the time of confirmation.
  2. Enrollment in the 3 pay Payment Tuition Plan for 8 week courses or 4 pay Payment Tuition Plan for 16 week courses (contact the Graduate Studies student account representative for information).

Students are advised that provisions for a variety of tuition benefits, such as employer-provided vocational rehabilitation, Veterans Affairs Educational Assistance and tuition assistance for military members, may change over time. Please consult with the School of Graduate Studies Representative regarding your status in these matters.

If a student account is sent to an agency for collection and/or legal action, the account balance plus all collection fees (up to 33.3%) and legal fees will be paid by the student.