2020-2021 Graduate Catalog 
    Jul 14, 2024  
2020-2021 Graduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Programs by Location

Park University is a pioneer in non-traditional studies through its focus on the creation of degree programs to fit the unique needs of individual students. Park University assists diverse segments of the population in achieving career and personal goals throughout their total educational experience. It is called “non-traditional” because it specializes in high quality and personalized educational service for service personnel and full-time employed adults. The entire staff and faculty of Park University act as facilitators of the student’s educational experience. Because of this approach, Park has set a standard in serving students seeking personal development or new pathways to degree completion through innovative processes.

Park University began meeting the educational needs of service members in 1889, and our commitment continued through the establishment of the Military Resident Center System (MRCS) in 1972. Park University programs are now located on military installations, community colleges, commercial facilities convenient to students, and online. Because the program at each location is tailored to the needs of the local student population, only selected degrees and certain majors are offered at each extended campus center. The degrees and majors offered are agreed upon by Park University and the agency or authority being served. Notices are posted publicly at each extended campus center specifying the degrees and the majors being offered.

Park University’s online operations began with one pilot class in English in 1996. The first class was a success and very quickly the online program found its own path for the adult student. Park University has developed over 500 courses online and offers multiple online sections per term. The online learning environment provided by Park University provides flexibility, adaptability, and convenience. Most online courses are scheduled within five eight-week terms in an academic year with classes beginning on Monday to Midnight Sunday. Student seeking to continue educational careers after completion of their baccalaureate degree may enroll in programs for online courses in the areas of Master of Education, Master of Business Administration, Master of Public Affairs, Master of Arts in Communication and Leadership or Master of Healthcare Administration.

* Park KC Area includes Independence, Downtown and Parkville 8-week programs.